We Need Lungs

1 x 67 mins or 1 x 52 mins

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Italian banker Sebastiano Arlotta attempts to run from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea over the mighty Pyrenees mountains in only 9 days. To achieve this he must run over 900km and ascend and descend a total of 60,000 meters. It is an extreme adventure that demonstrates strength, passion and determination that will push him past the impossible. When he loses track of his support team we fear the worst and question whether he will emerge from the unforgiving mountains at all.  

Sebastiano Arlotta, ultra-runner. After a series of sporting accomplishments from Ironman to ultra-marathons across the Bogi, Atacama and Sahara deserts, decides to take on a new challenge. To run across the Pyrenees mountains from the Atlantic Coast to the Mediterranean Sea. A total distance of 900km and a whopping 60,000 meters of ascent and descent in only 9 days. It is not only a quest for a new record but an extraordinary human endeavour.


In this adventure, Sebastiano takes on all of nature's elements from extreme weather conditions to brutal terrain. He must overcome physical and mental fatigue as well as navigation while exhausted to achieve his goal.


To guide him across the route is his friend and mentor Bill O'Connor, a renowned international mountain guide and past house-parent from Sebastiano's school days. Bill is a man of great experience and determination. He knows the rules of the mountains and is no stranger to extreme physical challenges and expeditions. Their special bond allows Bill to push Sebastiano like no other man could to help him achieve this dream. Bill's philosophy is six P's: Practise, Preparation and Planning will Prevent a Poor Performance.


Bill knows the difference between a trip and an adventure. "You can plan a trip but with an adventure, the outcome is always unknown", he warns. While Bill feels responsible for Sebastiano, at some point he must let him face the mountains alone and stay in contact by satellite phone. When he loses touch in the most remote mountain pass, he fears the worst. Did he ignore the warning signs, was his friend prepared enough, has he failed him, will he ever see him again? Doubt and fear creep in giving rise to panic and anguish. 

A story of grit and determination, held together by the love and respect between master and apprentice. 

Who will survive?