The Sunday Roast

52 x 22 minutes

Greenhills Productions

In this thrilling adventure, travel and cooking series, Chef and global food explorer, Kiran Jethwa joins forces with extreme, expert fisherman and T.V. sensation Robson Green. Their Mission? To find, catch and cook the most remarkable and delicious fish the world's waters have to offer, using the most fascinating, unique and sustainable methods. 

Kiran Jethwa has travelled the world experimenting with all types of cuisines and flavours, and is willing to go further than most Chefs for a good meal! Robson is an expert and passionate fisherman who has travelled the globe pushing himself to the limits for the most rewarding, exciting and captivating fishing experiences. Robson is a sensational fisherman who loves to eat and Kiran is a sensational chef who loves to fish! Combining their skills, knowledge and passion, this dynamic duo take the viewer on a breathtaking and mouthwatering aquatic treasure hunt, immersing themselves in the pursuit to find, catch and cook the freshest and most delicious seafood delicacies using unique fishing and cooking methods in a highly sustainable fashion. For both the fisherman and the chef it will be about perfecting their crafts and the art and passion of technique. Though both men are at the top of their game in their trades they will learn incredible new skills from the interesting people they meet and the challenges they face along the way. They will also learn a great deal from each other with hilarious banter and comical consequencesl type