The Pet Rescuers

10 x 60'

Silverfox Networks

A heart-warming series that follows the daily adventures of a dedicated band of volunteers who save pets due to be euthanised.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of healthy cats and dogs are euthanised in animal shelters and vet clinics around the world, due to lack of resources or space. Unwanted and unloved, these desperate animals have no future and no prospect of survival despite having years of life left to live. Until now ....

Led by ex-vet nurse Marisa De Battista, a bunch of passionate volunteers at Second Chance Animal Rescue are taking a multi-pronged approach to saving these companion animals and giving them a second chance at a happy life.

In a heart-warming half-hour observational documentary series, The Pet Rescuers follows the daily adventures of Marisa and her dedicated band of volunteers and the animals and owners that deserve a second chance. They fight for the underdog and undercat!

We join the volunteers on their pound runs and follow the animal they save from rescue, through rehabilitation to re-homing. We meet the vets who give their services free of charge and the foster carers who open up their homes to these neglected creatures and show them love. We chart the progress and challenges of building of the new animal hospital. And we witness the unswerving dedication of the Second Chance project manager to bringing in the funds and donations the organisation needs to survive



To prevent animals from being abandoned or surrendered in the first place, SCARs also runs an outreach program, visiting less affluent areas and offering free vaccinations, vet services and pet food to owners that love their animals but can't afford to give them all the care they need. 



SCAR recently won a government grant to build their own non-profit animal hospital that will offer disadvantaged pet owners free or affordable care. Pet owners who can afford to pay full price for their animal's care will be helping SCAR fund its shelter and outreach programs