ReCreators.    4K

4 x 30 minutes

Stork Films

What if you could go back in time and recreate the most iconic cars with the latest technology and engineering?

We're all striving for perfection. Over the last century, cars have gone through many changes in shape and technical excellence. Today's cars are better than yesterday's cars but to many, yesterday's cars looked more stylish than they do today. 


Many dream of owning an old, classic. iconic car. The problem is, they're expensive, rarely available and most important of all, technically obsolete. 


Meet a series of engineering pioneers detailing their works as they rebuild all time classic cars like MG's, Jaguars and Lamborghinis into powerful automobiles with the latest machinery and in style designs.

Follow this series as we travel the world to meet people who can make dreams come true. People for whole striving for perfection is a way of life. 

Come and meet, the ReCreators.