Photo Number 6

10 x 60'

Mezzanine Films 

This is travel with purpose: a reality series combining the adventure of travel with the joy of photography. Host Alan Fletcher explores the world looking for that elusive photographic image that totally encapsulates the emotion, geography and human connections he makes.

Travel is more than just getting off the bus and taking a few snaps. Photo Number 6 is not a standard travel program showcasing the obvious tourist attractions a location has to offer.

In every episode, host Alan Fletcher seeks out 5 travel experiences that go beyond the tourist guidebook and delves into the heart and soul of the places he visits. He takes viewers 'under the surface' and explores the culture, the politics, the landscape and the humanity of the places he visits. Through five fast paced cinematic segments, Alan and director Stig Wemyss take the audience on a quirky, humorous, dramatic and, occasionally, risky ride into fascinating and exciting destinations and rendezvous. The challenge in the show is to photograph each experience looking to choose just one photo that sums up that experience. Five experiences per week across an entire episode. 

Then, Alan and Stig will battle it out in the in-studio Red Room, looking back through all the photos to seek a final perfect image that sums up all five experiences in a single shot. That photos is Photo Number 6.


Genuinely engaging, thoroughly entertaining and surprisingly funny, this series packs a punch and takes the travel genre into fun and unique places.

Alan Fletcher began his career on the stage at Perth's Hole in the Wall Theatre, before moving to the Perth Theatre Company at the National Theatre, Western Australia, where he worked opposite such great talents as Warren Mitchell, Honor Blackman, Tom Stoppard, Bill Kerr and Tim Brooke-Taylor.

After three years of solid work, he headed to Sydney, where he played his first television role in The Young Doctors (1976), before landing the role that would fully launch him into Australia's lounge rooms - that of "Constable Frank Rossi" on Cop Shop (1977). Various roles in film and television followed, including playing "Martin Blake" on The Love Boat (1977) opposite Morgan Fairchild, "Henry Landers" in “Gross Misconduct (1993) opposite Jimmy Smits and "Frank Harkin" in Mercy Mission: The Rescue of Flight 771 (1993) opposite Scott Bakula.

Alan returned to the theatre in 1998 with the Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC), with whom he worked with in various lead roles for the next three years. His return to Australian television was honored when he was nominated for an Australian Film Institute (AFI) Award for Best Actor in a Series for his role as Australian Consul, "Michael Clayton" in the Australian series Embassy (1990).


In 1994, Alan took the role of "Dr Karl Kennedy" on Neighbours (1985), a role he plays to the present day. During this time he has also taken to the stage again in "Mame," as well as hosting various television documentaries and lifestyle programs.