Pecking Order - TV Series

6 x 30 minutes

33 Media

From the creator of the hit New Zealand feature Flockumentary, PECKING ORDER, comes this charming series that examines the wacky world of obsessive competitive poultry pageantry from around the world. 

Touching on universal themes of power, passion, dedication and outright obsession, the series does something the feature length  'Pecking Order' couldn’t do: look at different cultures in different towns and regions from around the world via their poultry clubs.


Over the course of a series we can follow clubs from Cardiff and Amsterdam, from Alabama to Ottawa, from Hamburg to Hyderabad and from Vladivostok to Woollongong in Australia, we follow chicken freakcentrics over a year as they primp, preen and prepare their prized pullets and cockerils in pursuit of Best in Show.


Shot with genuine care and affection, it matters not whether viewers like chickens or not because this is all about the people. How they live, how they organize themselves in their club and their community, and the struggles they have to work through in order to get a potential champion chick hatched and through to victory one year later.


Do lower caste poultry fanciers in India even have a chance at competing for Best Bird? Does the State allow for such competition in Cuba, or is it quiet and underground? Does Japan have a competitive poultry circuit and how does that look? The largest, most established poultry fraternities in the world are from Holland, Germany, Australia, the UK, Ireland, USA, New Zealand and Benelux. But those are just the most established. Nearly every country in the world has a degree of competitive poultry showing. It’s the most absurd, unexpected, and often hilarious way to meet eccentric characters who demonstrate what passion and dedication look like in their respective communities and countries