John Wesley: The Man and His Mission

1 x 55 minutes

Wesley Mission Media

Journey throughout England and follow the story of one of the most influential people who ever lived. 


From a childhood upbringing in the small town of Epworth in the north of Englan to a scholarly education at Oxford University, and from humble beginnings in Bristol to an influential base in London, John Wesley's influence is still felt, though not completely recognised, today.

John Wesley travelled throughout England more than any other person in history. In the 1700s, he established schools, medical centres and chapels as he challenged social, political and religious structures to bring about equality for the marginalised. 

Filmed in elegant chapels, bustling centres and historical sites in Epworth, Oxford, Bristol, Cornwall and London, this historical and biographical documentary follows a well respected religious and Methodist commentator, Keith Garner, as he discovers the makings and influence of a man whose work in the 1700s would go on to impact the entire British Empire ...and ripple into today. 

John Wesley's work and legacy is revered by millions around the world and this documentary features location interviews with representatives from Oxford University, the Methodist Church, Historical Societies, British Museums and British politics. 


Keith Garner is an internationally respected Methodist Minister, CEO of Wesley Mission Sydney and a respected media personality in Australia and the United Kingdom. 

Over the past 30 years, Keith has been a senior Methodist leader and a proven communicator, leading live BBC broadcasts on television and radio and a regular contributor to print media. 

Since relocating to Australia in 2006, Keith has been hosting a weekly half-hour television program called Wesley Impact - which is broadcast nationally on the Channel 9 Network and the Easter Sunrise Service from the Sydney Opera House - a live program simulcast on television and radio on Easter morning. 

He has also hosted a variety of documentaries which have been broadcast in Australia and beyond, including Flying Through the Gospels and Flying Through the Seven Churches series shot on location throughout the Middle East and in parts of Europe, and Santa's Forgotten People - a social documentary about the plight of the marginalised in Australia. 

Keith is the author of several books and speaks regularly at a range of forums and events around the world.