Is This Thing On?

6 x 30'

Mezzanine Films

Follow the whirlwind journey of 10 budding comedians as they transform into confident and funny stand-up performers, all within five days.

Starring the cream of comedy and a cast of nervous newbies looking to join the ranks for comedy greats

Right now, comedy and comedians are bigger than ever. Hundreds of thousands of visitors attend international comedy festivals each year, not to mention the thousands of other comedy events, shows, festivals and performances that happen nightly in pubs, clubs and screens around the world.

What is this obsession with the laugher industry? What makes someone, who has never even spoken in public want to stand up in front of a room full of strangers and attempt to make them laugh? As it turns out, the list of reasons are as intriguing and eclectic as the people determined to give it a try.


Over six emotionally charged and hysterically funny episodes, "Is This Thing On?" follows ten diverse class mates from a broad cross-section of cultures, religions and socio-economic backgrounds as they embark on a journey to become the next big comedic star.  

In a pursuit that calls for soul-searching honesty to truly excel, each wannabe comedian is thrust into a roller coaster of emotion as they battle conflict within themselves and with each other, on their quest to discover the comedian within. Along the way, each student will be guided by accomplished performers, schooling them in craft and technique, and challenging them to find that illusive ingredient that can transforms a nobody into a house hold name.

By the end of the series, each budding new comedian will bare their should on stage for the first time, performing an original five minute set to a packed, laughter-hungry audience. Witness the transformation. Follow the chaos, the tears, the fears, the cheers and the cutting edge, clunky, clumsy, catastrophic and clever comedy as each of these brave heroes step into the spotlight, taps the spittle-encrusted microphone and says......"Is This Thing One?"