Goats in Paradise

6 x 30'

Hawaiian Images

Goats in Paradise is a feel-good series about a man who is living his
dream. We see him face many challenges: some of them day-to-day
logistics, others that hit from out of the blue, and one that puts him in constant jeopardy of losing that dream forever.

Meet Claude Colton of Colton Farms. Claude operates a petting zoo that comprises of over 30 goats, 2 llamas, a dozen pigs and countless number of other critters that he loves with all his heart.

The petting zoo brings in some money but not enough to keep the farm going. To make ends meet, Claude gets creative to raise enough funds to care for his animals and keep his business alive.

Bartering animals for feed and supplies, taking on private gigs, fixing broken horns and helping a neighbour who has a goat that thinks it's a human. There is never a dull moment with Claude

Not only does he care for his own, he has built a reputation as the go-to-guy for anyone who needs help with the health and well-being of creatures great and small. Many of the animals in his zoo are rescue animals so he is always taking in lost causes because he cares so much.

Follow Claude and his tribe, trip, drove, herd and flock of goats through some strange situations while teaching humans how to respect and care for our furry friends.