Desserts of the World

13 x 30 minutes

Australian TV and Media Group

Masterchef Australia Winner, Kate Bracks visits the homes of people who have been making international desserts for decades and discovers dishes, recipes and cooking styles they have passed down through the generations. 

Desserts of the World discovers the best kept secrets from immigrants who retain precious knowledge from their home country about traditional desserts and the pleasure they get teaching  their families so they can pass it on for generations to come. 

Never mind the cook book, this is the real deal. Every episode features two desserts from a particular country. Filmed in a "home cook's kitchen, we see the authentic ways of preparing, making and baking the desserts. 

We also get to know the home cook a little better, talking about their country of origin, their personal stories and experiences arriving in their new country, their culture and the history of the desserts they are cooking. 

In each episode, two home cooks are introduced to the audience. The first is the family matriarch. She immigrated as a younger girl, still remembering the sites, smells and food of her homeland with the voice of her own grandmother still vivid in her memory. The second is a younger family member or friend who was born in the new world and carries the responsibility of passing the recipes of the old country down to the next generation, making sure to teach their own children so they too can continue this unbroken line of cooking knowledge that stretches back through centuries. 

It is a food and cultural experience that is full of heart and fun with a distinct focus around desserts. Our goal across the series is to celebrate food and multiculturalism as well as invite the viewer to participant in keeping these recipes alive.