Chasing the Light

1 x 90 minutes


An Australian adventure documentary following the famous photographer Ken Duncan with the renowned photo-journalist Ray Martin, venturing into one of the world's most wild and isolated coastlines at the tail end of the Wet Season

When Australia's most awarded Photographer, Ken Duncan, sets out on an adventure-assignment, he does so with a formidable and steel-like resolve to the the shot no matter what. It turns out that's the required attitude, because the fierce wilderness of wild Australia forgives no one.

Ken lives to capture what he calls the "drama of the skies". This drama is crafted by the mysterious elusive light that is ever-changing and which influences the mood and texture of a given landscape. The sky is the fickle, beautiful and ever shifting element of the scene. 

But is that all there is to it?

On this expedition with Ken is the legendary Ray Martin, Australia's most celebrated and awarded photojournalist. Ray is determined to get inside Ken's head and understand what is it that separates Ken from the rest. For Ray, this is the photography adventure of a lifetime, if only he survives it!

Where they are going is Western Australia's wild Kimberly, and at the tail of the big wet. Roads are impassable. Violent storms can knock a helicopter right out of the sky. The rivers are infested with man-eating saltwater crocodiles. And here are mega tides, the second largest in the world, making the rivers and reefs treacherous. And all of this, thousands of kilometres from help. 

Chasing the Light is the perfect blend of a breathtaking Australian destination, an epic photographic assignment, and the discovery that there's much more behind a photograph than just pressing the shutter.