Caribbean Capers

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The untold story of three men and their journey from the dingy nightclubs of Melbourne Australia to the electric, vibrant, hedonistic, music scene of 1950's Jamaica and their significant influence on the birth of Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae. 

Dennis Sindrey (The Caribs) - "I do claim to be the first guy that recorded Ska, but not the guy that invented it."

Kingston, Jamaica, 1958. The music style known as ska is about to be born. 

In its wake will soon follow rocksteady and reggae. These important facts and eras of music history have been well documented over the years. However, a crucial part of the story has never been told. And it starts - of all places - in Australia. 

The very foundations of this extraordinary music were in fact, heavily influenced by three young white lads from Australia, in a band known as "The Caribs". 


'Caribbean Capers' is the untold story of these three men and their journey from the dingy nightclubs of Melbourne to the electric, vibrant, hedonistic music scene of 1950s' Jamaica.

It is also the story of another Aussie ex-pat working in Kingston, radio engineer Graeme 'Goodie' Goodall. Goodie formed a friendship and business partnership with The Caribs that resulted in literally hundreds of clandestine recording sessions. 

The story is told by lawyer, musician and radio presenter Mohair Slim (Lloyd Dewar), as he retraces his search and tells this unknown story through his interviews along the way. Mohair Slim's search started around 1996, after he noticed the photo of a white studio engineer - an Australian named 'Graeme Goodall' - on a ska compilation record from the 1960s. Despite all attempts to track down Goodall, including contacting every Goodall in the phone book, Mohair Slim's search frustratingly yielded nothing. 

Then in 2002, when Mohair Slim travelled to Dartmouth College to see Jamaica's greatest band, the Skatalites, their manager Brian Keyo mentioned 'the Australians' who were well-known musicians back in Jamaica in the pre-ska era. 

Dennis Sindrey, Lowell Morris and Peter Stoddart called themselves 'The Caribs'.

But non one knew where any of the Australians were, or even if they were still alive .....until now.