A Dog's Tale

8 x 30 minutes

Scallywag Media

What do you get when you cross a factual puppy lifestyle show and a scripted drama about a dog-loving blogger? You get A Dog's Tale, a genre-busting format about Steve and his dog barney who tick off a puppy bucket list of adventures, interviewing real animal professionals to teach pet owners how to love, entertain and take care of their beloved companion. 

A weekly, half hour, series about dogs and their owners but much, much more. 


In each episode we follow the scripted drama of our three protagonists. Steve is a dog lover who has aspirations of being a famous blogger but can't figure out what subject he should focus on. Then it hits him, why not cover his best friend, Barney the pint sized Jack Russel? He starts each episode posing a dog related query. What's sort of food is the healthiest for my pet? Barney looks bored, how can I keep him entertained? What other adventures are available for pets? ​

He then sets out to find people in his neighbourhood who are experts in the field who can answer these questions so he can finish his blog. To document the day he invites his best friend and secret crush Mel. She's a talented photographer who helps bring Steve's blog to life but soon finds she's developing feelings for Steve, who's too shy to ask her out. 

Steve confesses his feelings to his best friend Chris, who encourages him to follow his heart. Throughout the series we follow this growing relationship while they take Barney to various dog friendly adventures. 

When they arrive at the activity the series jumps into a factual reality format as Steve, Barney and Mel encounter real people. They question them in character and the experts play themselves, providing useful information to all pet owners. 

A family friendly format that is completely unique and will be loved by the entire family. It was broadcast on Southern Cross Networks Australia, increasing ratings by 40% in the time slot.