welcome to the world's most popular zoo

Over the past two years, Trip Advisor's 600 million subscribers have voted Loro Parque Tenerife as the World's Number One Zoo, and it is easy to see why.

In this ground breaking series, we go behind the scenes to meet an incredible team of returning characters; a group of cutting edge medical experts who dedicate their lives to the animals they care for and provide valuable research for international conservation causes. 

The series is full of interesting stories including; King Penguins displaying strange symptoms, Pygmy Hippos with cold feet, miraculous Sea Turtle's survival, fussy Anteaters, saving the Macaw from extinction, Red Panda's with life threatening teeth aches and the amazing live birth of a Baby Orca that you have to see to believe....

....and of course, a zoo full of beautiful and unique animals from every corner of the world. 

Welcome to the Animal Embassy

10 x 30"

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